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About us

PLS-Design was founded from an academic background in 2004 in Hamburg. The intention was to bring scientific knowledge from lab bench to market to provide solutions for medical demands.
From the beginning PLS-Design kept in mind to find a balance of academic creativity and commercial reasoning, which is also reflected in the company’s management. The company is 100% privately financed, providing the management with freedom and responsibility to decide the┬ácompany’s direction and future.

Our Business Strategy

We believe our main asset is our intellectual creativity and knowledge in the field of immunology. We are only a small company, but we use this fact to our advantage. We move fast and agile in the space of immunological research. We have all capabilities to pursue our inventions and developments at least to the point of proof-of-principle. For developments beyond the capabilities of our facility or financials we partner with other companies, providing the resources for mutual advantage. We seek long term partnership, based on trust, openness and fairness.

Becoming a global leading company in the field of immune tolerance induction and vaccination strategies is our vision. Our fields of applications are in allergy, asthma and autoimmune diseases, including diabetes type I, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.
Identifying the needs of customers and patients and providing the technologies to overcome barriers to success and improving their quality of life is our mission. We use our creativity and knowledge, as well as research and medical networks to acheive this aim.
People are our most valued asset. People who enjoy using their knowledge in creative ways, questioning dogmas, finding new ways to create a better world. We want nothing less than revolutionizing immunotherapy. One has to be smart, bold and reflective to make this happen. These are high aims and we value people that share these as much as we do.


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